07/23 - GRAPH4SEC - new European project with AIT, UPC, UCL on graph neural networks for cybersecurity.
07/23 - COMMITS - new ANR project on the design of enhanced Urbanloop transportation systems.
03/23 - Alessandro's ELORA simulator-emulator to be presented at NOMS'23.
10/22 - Organizing CoNext'23 at Cnam, with a novel publication process via the new Proceedings of the ACM on Networking.
09/22 - MobiArch'22 program is out.
09/22 - CloudNet'22 program is out.
06/22 - Alessandro's new papers on LoraWAN traffic differentiation accepted to WiOpt and GC.
05/22 - Nour's new article on robust MEC clustering accepted to TNSM.
04/22 - joined the advisory board of the Int. Teletraffic Congress.
02/22 - organizing IEEE CLOUDNET 2022 at Cnam. Stay tuned!
01/22 - Francesca's new paper on distributed multi-resource allocation accepted to TPDS.
12/21 - Eugenio's new paper on bitcoin pool-hopping detection published in COMNET.
12/21 - ENE5AI new IA project on 5G infrastructures and edge computing.
11/21 - new Wesley's article on network slice design trade-offs in TNSM.
11/21 - new Davide's article on augmentation of DiffServ classification appeared in COMNET.
09/21 - lancemenent du nouveau master "Réseaux et objets connectés" pour les professionnels, accessible à distance.
08/21 - new Paolo and Marianna's article on blockchain reliability modeling accepted at DIS C21.
07/21 - HEIDIS - new ANR project on novel scheduling aspects in Open RAN.
06/21 - new Wesley's paper on network slic e design accepted to ITC.
06/21 - Hanane and Liticia's first paper, on vRAN clusttering algorithms,accepted to ComCom.
03/21 - left the COMST editorial board after 9 years and 200+ reviews... room for new blood!
02/21 - new Nour's paper on robust MEC orchestration to be presented at DRCN'21, to take place at vMilan;
10/20 - launching the new Computer Networks & IoT Systems international master;
10/20 - 4 new open PhD and postdoc positions;
10/20 - AI@EDGE - new H2020 project accepted on network automation for edge computing services;
10/20 - Alessandro Aimi and Kiranpreet Kaur new Ph.D. candidates working on network automation and traffic management with microservices, in collaboration with Orange Labs;
09/20 - INTELLIGENTSIA - new ANR project accepted on network automation for IoT access;
09/20 - Wesley's paper on requirement tradeoffs in network slice design accepted to CNSM;
09/20 - joint work with NTU-Singapore on anti-jamming in intelligent reflecting surfaces accepted to GLOBECOM;
07/20 - Alessio's work on LSTM-based anomaly detection for software networks accepted to ITC32;
07/20 - Agathe's article on zero-day attack detection published in COMNET;
07/20 - article de Wassim sur la prise en main du machine learning avec Splunk paru dans MISC;
06/20 - Wassim Berriche new PhD student working on data-center anomaly detection;
05/20 - Agathe's article on botnet detection accepted at TNSM;
05/20 - article de Flavien surles attaques par fabrication de liens dans le SDN paru dans MISC;
03/20 - Francesca's article on multi-resource allocation for network slicing accepted to IEEE/ACM ToN;
03/20 - Marianna's paper on cross-blockchain protocol modeling to be presented at ICDCS;
02/20 - 3 papers at NOMS on distributed resource allocation in slicing, botnet detection, and learning for DiffServ;
01/20 - Erwan Goareguer new PhD student working on hardware-based network function accelleration;
01/20 - article de Flavien sur les vulnérabilités d'OpenStack paru dans MISC;
12/19 - Nour Yellas new PhD student working on orchestration protocols in edge computing;
12/19 - Wesley's new IEEE communications standards article onnetwork functions evolution from 3G to 5G;
11/19 - Sebastien Rummelhardt new PhD student on cyberwar strategic modeling.
09/19 - new ONF report on ONOS vs ODL performance and security;
09/19 - new article on MPTCP and Internet security in COMNET;
07/19 - lancement de la reforme des programmes et de l'organisation du cycle d'ingénieur en informatique: réseaux et systèmes, et en éléctronique: télécommunications et réseaux du Cnam;
06/19 - new article on path recovery strategies in SDN accepted to JSAC;
06/19 - Marianna's vademecum on blockchain tehcnologies accepted to COMST;
05/19 - final program of the TMA week published - June 17-21 @ Cnam Paris;
04/19 - final program of ICC NGNI symposium published;
03/19 - new article on availability-drive NFV orchestration accepted to Computer Networks;
02/19 - lancement de la nouvelle équipe Réseaux et Objets Connectés (ROC) / newNetworks and IoT Systems team;
01/19 - nous organisons au Cnam une journée thématique sur systèmes embarqués et objets connectés le 1er avril;
01/19 - Marianna Belotti new PhD candidate on blockchain network analytics in collaboration with CDC;
01/19 - new article accepted to JSAC on a new TCAM update policy;
01/19 - final ICIN 2019 technical program published;
12/18 - new article accepted to COMMAG on LISP-MSX;
12/18 - new conference paper accepted to IM on IP anomaly/attack detection;
11/18 - ULOOF code open sourced!
11/18 - 2nd ONOS sec&perf brigade report published as ONF informational report;
11/18 - Wesley Coelho and Alessio Diamanti new Ph.D. candidates with Orange on 5G slicing and reliability.
10/18 - new paper published in ToN about fair resource allocation in complete information systems.
10/18 - organizing TMA 2019 in Paris on June 17-21, stay tuned!
09/18 - promoted Full Professor at Cnam Paris.
09/18 - nouveaux articles de magazine sur MISC sur desanonymisation de traces IP et vulnerabilités du SDN.
07/18 - MAESTRO5G new funded project on 5G slicing with Orange, CentraleSupelec, Inria, IMT, UAvignon, Nokia.
07/18 - CANCAN new funded project on Network AI with Thales, Orange, Inria.
06/18 - extended version of VNF-PR described in a new article in COMNET.
04/18 - new papers to be presented at ICDCS and ISCC on TCAM update policies and MPTCP scheduling.
03/18 - new paper to be presented at IFIP Networking on prescriptive analytics for orchestration in mobile edge computing.
02/18 - new articles accepted to TMC and COR on computation offloading and assignments optimization in edge computing.
02/18 - joined the new AFNOR standardization committee on PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) systems.
01/18 - Agathe Blaise new PhD candidate on anomaly detection, in collaboration with Thales.
01/18 - released a demo on LISP MSX, check it out!
01/18 - changing employer without changing office: now working for Sorbonne Université.
01/18 - joined the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management,
12/17 - new paper on Internet accelleration with LISP-TE and MPTCP at ICIN.

11/17 - Stefano Iellamo and Marianna Belotti new research engineers working on network slicing and blockchain analytics.
10/17 - NoF'17 final program just published.
10/17 - new articles accepted to TNSM on parallel path computation and to AnTe on mobile crowd prediction.
09/17 - 1st ONOS Security & Performance Analysis report released.
09/17 - joining a panel at ONOS Build 2017 in Seul.
09/17 - new papers to be presented at CNSM on MPTCP robustness against man-in-the-middle attacks and mobile computation offloading.
09/17 - programme final des journées cloud 2017.
06/17 - joining the panel "moving fronteers in network softwarization" at IEEE NETSOFT 2017.
06/17 - les prochaines journées cloud auront lieu au Loria le 6-è septembre, appel à propositions ouverte.
05/17 - new software project HA-NFV on secure VNF orchestration .
05/17 - joined an IEEE ICC panel on Network AI on May 24.
04/17 - new study on MPTCP communications robustness to man-in-the-middle attacks.
04/17 - two papers accepted to Networking'17, one on security in network function placement, one on the Mood Value.
04/17 - one paper accepted to ISCC'17 on bayesian availability modeling for Public-Safety Networks.
04/17 - joined the Innovation Advisory Board of H2020 Anastacia (Advanced Networked Agents for Security and Trust Assessment in Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things Architectures) project;
04/17 - final program of the RESCOM 2017 summer school ready - Call for posters open!
03/17 - launched new ONOS brigade on security & performance analysis;
03/17 - organizing NoF 2017 in London, Nov. 22-24;
02/17 - new article in Computer Networks about Matthieu's MPTCP implementation in ns3;
01/17 - new article in IEEE/ACM ToN about edge cloud network design;
01/17 - new paper in SCNS about securing network control-planes with blockchains;
12/16 - organizing RESCOM 2017 Summer School on June 19-23 - save the dates!
11/16 - new papers at CSNC, NOF, WiMOB, on LISP egress control, MPTCP buffering and PMR network reliability.
10/16 - new IETF drafts on Network-Assisted MPTCP.
10/16 - IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 workshops program ready.
09/16 - organizing ONOS Build at UPMC - join us!
08/16 - programme des Journées Cloud 2016 du GdR RSD publié.
07/16 - new articles in COMST and TNSM on Internet multipath (survey) and user-VM mobility management.
04/16 - launched new open source project on routing games (library and router/endpoint nodes).
04/16 - new articles on network cache allocation and mobile data analytics to appear in COMNET and COMCOM.
03/16 - new papers on equilibrium BGP routing and on distributed DC control-plane at ICT'16 and NOMS'16.
03/16 - FED4PMR - new Investissement d'Avenirproject on mobile edge computing for federated public service networks.
03/16 - PODIUM - new FUI project on mobile computation offloading for mission critical networks.
02/16 - elevated to IEEE Senior grade;
02/16 - technical program of DRCN 2016 just published here;
01/16 - joined the steering board of ACM MobiArch and IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet (GI) Symposium;
12/15 - elected as new Chair of the Internet Technical Committee (ITC), joint committee of the IEEE Communications Society and the Internet Society (ISOC);
11/15 - joined the management committee of the new COST action on disaster-resilient networks (CA15127);
11/15 - co-edited IETF draft on MPTCP transparent proxying;
10/15 - M. Coudron extended NS3 to include MPTCP featureshere;
09/15 - new papers on NFV optimization in CloudNet'15, and on cellular traffic distribution in CCNC'16;
09/15 - new articles on on data-center reliability in JNSM, and on distributed data-center design in Computer Networks;
07/15 - programme de la journée Cloud 2015 (GdR RSD) publié ici - venez nombreux ! ;
07/15 - technical program of MobiArch 2015 is now online - check it out;
06/15 - I'll be GLOBECOM 2016 workshops chair - a call for workshops will be published soon here;
06/15 - DRCN 2016 to be held at UPMC in March 14-17, 2016 - consider submitting (CFP);
06/15 - lancement de l'action transverse Virtualisation du nouveau GdR Réseaux et Systèmes Distribués (RSD) - appel à presentations pour la prochaine Journée Cloud au LIP6 en septembre ici;
05/15 - new articles in TNSM about VM placement algorithm evaluation, and in Computer Networks about mobile offloading strategies.
05/15 - recently joined the editorial board of Annales des Télécommunications, and Journal of Network Management.
04/15 - participating to a panel at IEEE NETSOFT'15;
03/15 - chairing ACM MobiArch 2015 - CFP - consider submitting;
03/15 - new papers to NETSOFT on an adaptive VM migration protocol and to IFIP Networking on Cloudlet network design;
02/15 - ANR LISP-Lab platform open to external experimenters! Joining is easy, check it out;
02/15 - Keun-Woo Lim and Sandesh Uppor new postdocs working on mobile data analytics;
01/15 - new ANR project REFLEXION on NFV, lead by Thalès, with Orange, 6WIND, TPT, INRIA, ENS;
12/14 - new EIT ICT-Labs activity "SDN at the edges", lead by Telecom Italia;
10/14 -Inauguration de l'initiative nuage et du starDC;
09/14 - obtained the Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, UPMC, France;
09/14 - Sahar Hoteit succesfully defended, going to SUPELEC for her postdoc;
08/14 - two accepted articles on cloud networking to IEEE Communications and Computer Magazines, Oct. 2014 issues;
07/14 - chairing the Cloud Services and Networks track at IEEE CCNC 2015: CFP - consider submitting;
06/14 - new papers at DCPERF'14 and ITC'14 on virtual bridging and multipath forwarding impact on VM placement;
05/14 - guest editor for a new Feature Topic of the IEEE Communications Magazine on Mobile Cloud, consider submitting;
03/14 - two forthcoming articles in IEEE Network Magazine: one about the OpenLISP control-plane architecture and one about incentive compatibility in ICN overlays;
02/14 - new contribution to NOMS'14 and Computer Networks on cellular mobility and hotspot estimation based on mobile data mining;
01/14 - new FP7 Marie Curie MobileCloud project with China just started;
01/14 - new papers in press for IEEE TNSM about world-scale seamless VM mobility and MPTCP strategic load-balancing;
01/14 - new versions of the OpenLISP data and control planes supporting LISP-TE and LCAF extensions
12/13 - Chairing the Cloud Networks track in IEEE GLOBECOM 2014: CFP, deadline April 1st, 2014.
11/13 - Elected Vice-Chair of the Internet Technical Committee (ITC), joint TC between the IEEE Communications Society and the Internet Society (ISOC);
10/13 - giving a keynote at WNetVirt 2013 on Cloud QoE Augmentation protocols
08/13 - v2.2 of the OpenLISP Control-Plane just posted!
08/13 - new contributions to CLOUDNET'13 and ICNP'13 on Augmented Multipath TCP Communications;
07/13 - two ANR INFRA projects accepted for funding: LISP-Lab (scientific coordinator), on a LISP experimentation platform, and ABCD (P.I.) on Mobile Cloud Networking;
06/13 - new contributions to the Future Network and Mobile Summit on Mobile Cloud Computation Offloading, and to GLOBECOM'13 on inter-domain vectorized routing;
04/13 - new FUI 15 project RAVIR on Cloud-based access network controllers with Gandi, Thales, NSS, Infinit, Ucopia;
03/13 - new contributions on human mobility estimation at MDM'13 and NetMob'13, and on femtocell power allocation at ICC'13;
01/13 - appointed associate editor for Journal of Network and Systems Management (Springer)
12/12 - new release 2.0 of the Open LISP control-plane.
11/12 - new papers to ACM URBANE'12 on mobile content consumption, to IEEE/IFIP IM'13 on virtual machine mobility with LISP, and to Computer Networks on LISP-TE strategic load-balancing;
10/12 - IEEE CloudNet 2012 final program is online;
9/12 - new Ph.D. students: Matthieu Coudron on Cloud protocol security, Patrick Raad on virtual machine mobility, Rodrigo Couto on DC network reliability.
07/12 - new papers on resource allocation in cooperative femtocell networks in IEEE GLOBECOM 2012, and on LISP control-plane implementation in IEEE NIDC 2012;
06/12 - beta release of the LISP control-plane for FreeBSD;
05/12 - co-organizing IEEE CloudNet 2012 at UPMC, 28-30 November 2012, consider submitting;
05/12 - invited for a panel on Cloud and Mobility at useIT !;
04/12 - appointed as Editor for the IEEE Communications Survey and Tutorial;
01/12 - two new papers accepted to IEEE ICC 2012, one on multipath TCP load-balancing and one on resource allocation in Wireless Mesh OFDMA Networks;
01/12 - New Investissement d'Avenir (PSPC) project NU@GE supporting our activities on Cloud networking;
11/11 - Elected as officer of the Internet Technical Committee (ITC), joint TC between the IEEE Communications Society and the Internet Society (ISOC);
09/11- NoF 2011 final program just published!
09/11 - Dallal Belabed and Sahar Hoteit new Ph.D. students working on Cloud networking and Digital Cities;
06/11 - LIP6 now connected to the LISP4 testbed - Our RLOC status More info.