Network Virtualization and Automation (NEVA)

(course called REOP until 2018, RCG until 2012)

Responsible : Stefano Secci (

Teachers and Assistants: Francesca Fossati (network optimization, network reliability modeling), Bruno Chatras (NFV and automation systems and standards), Alessio Diamanti (labs, miniprojects), Stefano Secci

Description :
The goal of this course is to present new technologies designed for advanced operations of IP networks in the last twenty years. The course starts with the evolution of IP switching and routing architectures, with a particular focus in traffic engineering and quality-of-service architectures. Then, the evolution of the Ethernet architecture and layer-2 protocols in general is presented, showing the extensions applied to let layer-2 protocols scale going from local area to metropolitan and data-center network segments. The course shows how IP and Ethernet evolutions recently converged in novel softwarized network environments, making use of data-plane programmability, network virtualization, cloud-native systems and automation frameworks.

Modalities :
The teaching program is organized in lessons, industrial seminars, technical laboratories, and mini-projects. Three technical lab sessions take place on advanced BGP, MPLS and applications, and SDN controllers (ONOS, OpenDayLight). Mini-projects are advanced SDN projects leveraging on the platform used for the SDN lab. Labs and mini-projects are evaluated by means of reports, oral defences and technical demonstrations. A final exam terminates the course.

The following scheme illustrates the course planning, milestones and deliverables.


Topics :

Acquired skills:

Required background:
IP routing basics, IP addressing and switching, TCP/UDP transport layer.