The ICSSEA Conference has become the meeting point where enterprises and applied R&D centers gather annually. Because of the relevance and the close matching of the themes developed to current issues, this event serves as an informal focal point to the study of current technological developments, processes, methodologies and tools applied in systems & software engineering.

Due to an ever growing demand from vendors to showcase their technological achievements, the ICSSEA 2006 steering committee has worked at expanding the scope of its Exhibition to accommodate as many vendors as possible. Two non-exclusive options are available :

- Oral presentation

Each company will have the opportunity to address its audience directly by presenting its products and the experience gained from the usage of such products. This presentation should be centered on technical issues and should not exceed 30 min., the same amount of time given to other speakers. The oral presentation will be announced in the ICSSEA 2006 final program booklet, detailing the subject, the name of the speaker and the time. 

- Exhibition booths

Booths are available for the entire duration of the show. Panels and booth furniture can also be rented by the exhibitors. The booths will be conveniently located near the rest areas and the main hallways thereby guaranteeing traffic on the part of ICSSEA attendees.

In addition, one room will be dedicated to demonstrations. A demo calendar will be on display enabling each exhibitor to present its products and its expertise to participants interested in learning more.

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