Today, the current trend to globalization is undoubtedly one of the major factors influencing business processes and, consequently, computer systems. This very trend, which impacts software applications and systems at various levels, calls for a continuous growing need for adaptation to technical environments, but also to uses and contexts, be it at the level of enterprise or of the individual user. This trend also finds its expression by an increasing need for more and more distributed systems, for better quality of service as well as systems cooperation and interoperability.

If mastering software technology is necessary for project success, integrating smoothly systems in global business processes remains a key factor, be it for a relevant understanding of systems’ goal or for a smooth adaptation of system uses and evolution.

With regard to the above trend, software and systems processes, methods, and tools ineluctably require novel approaches adapted to a global environment. Assuredly, this concerns system global life cycle, particularly requirements engineering, designing as well as testing and validating software & systems.

Lastly, in such a context, economical issues are of major importance, concerning not only design and development cost, but also exploitation and appropriation cost in terms of project global cost and ROI.

Organized by the Center for Mastering Systems & Software (CMSL) of CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), the 19th edition of the ICSSEA Conference (International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications) will be held in Paris on December 5-7, 2006. It aims at providing a critical survey of the current status of tools, methods, and processes for elaborating software & systems, in gathering actors from the enterprise and research worlds. However, lectures and discussions will be conducted with service and system globalization as a leitmotiv.

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