As for previous editions, any topic in connection with software engineering & systems engineering as well as any application area are eligible (information systems, process management, EAI, transaction processing, e-services, Web-based systems, multimedia systems, distributed systems, real-time systems, embedded systems, e-computing,...). However, the following topics, in the context of distributed and collaborative development, will be particularly appreciated:

Papers submitted may concern industrial implementations or experiments, describe significant results from ongoing projects, or deal with socioeconomic issues associated with software & systems engineering.

Instructions to authors

The submission and selection of the proposed interventions will be conducted as follows:

  1. Submit, before July 1st 2003, a text of at least 2 pages, in English, including the title of the paper, an extended abstract of at least 500 words, and the address, phone and fax numbers as well as the email address of the authors. If already available, a complete text (about 20,000 characters) would be welcome.
  2. The authors chosen will be notified as from September 1st, 2003
  3. Authors of accepted abstracts should provide, before October 6, 2003, a text not exceeding 20,000 characters, figures included in the form of a diskette or a file, in Word, attached to an electronic message. Final papers will be submitted to the International Program Committee before publication in the Conference Proceedings available during the event.

Submission address:

Jean-Claude Rault
Chaire d'Intégration de Systèmes
292, rue Saint-Martin - 75141 Paris Cedex 3 - France

Fax : +33 (0)1 40 27 23 77

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