12th International Conference
December 8-10, 1999
CNAM - Paris, France

Whether for software applications or software-critical systems, demand for software increases at a rate far higher than our capacity to design, produce and maintain it reliably and economically. This situation is made evidenf by the problems met in software intensive complex systems, upon which most of current economic activity is dependent. Scrutiny of those systems shows that mastering them requires a good command of software engineering, but above all of systems engineering, a multidisciplinary approach to requirements definition, functional specifications, design and validation & verification, allowing a global approach to the problems at hand.

In order to firmly support this evolution, the International Conference "Software Engineering & its Applications", held yearly since 1988, is now entitled "Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications" (ICSSEA). Its twelfth meeting will be held on December 8-10, 1999, in Paris.

Organized by the Center for Mastering Systems & Software (CMSL) of CNAM, this International Conference aims at providing a critical survey of tools, techniques, methods and practices for engineering complex systems, in which software acts as both consolidator and integrator. The conference will concern the main issues relating to mastering development, integration, quality assurance, and safety of software and systems.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions, a series of parallel sessions, tutorials, and workshops. English will be the working language. The lectures will emphasize experience reports and industrial applications. Main topics to be discussed comprise:

Systems Engineering
Software Processes
Process Improvement Experiments
Project Management
Cost Estimation
Configuration Management
Distributed Development
Requirements Engineering
Formal Methods
Object Orientation
Reuse & Components
Software Architecture
Distributed Systems
Maintenance & Evolution
Performance Enginerering
Quality Assurance