Thursday, November 25

There was an error in the registration form.
If you want to pay by Bank Transfer (Swift), please transfert through Banque de France
30001 00064 00000040462 01 and NOT 30001 000364 00000040462 01 as it was written before
Swift ref : BDF EFRPT-CCT
for the CNAM account 30041 0001 0906301R020 13 and NOT 30041 00001 0906301R020 13 as it was written before.

The registration form has been updated here with the correct accounts.

Monday, November 22

Updated the sessions contents as follow :

Wednesday, December 8

Session 3
Third paper is withdrawn. It is replaced by
New Session - 16:30-17:30
As a prelude to session 8 on Systems Engineering

Thursday, December 9

Session 9
This session will take place from 9:00 to 18:00
A thirteenth paper is added

Friday, December 10

Session 15
Second paper is withdrawn. It is replaced by

Tuesday, November 09

Changed the hotels page.